Friday, October 16, 2015

Daily Musings Journal and Two Hands Paperie

I spent Thursday evening at Two Hands Paperie at an art event, the unvealing of the 2016 Daily Musings Journal. It was created by a friend of Mia's, Lee DeYoung. The journals we worked with are an outgrowth of the journals that she started making for herself about 6 years ago, when she was drawing each box by hand.

I like the fact that a whole week can fit on just two pages. The size of the boxes makes it seem less intimidating. It was fun to look through her journals and see how her style has evolved. It has gone from handmade boxes filled with light handwritten entries, to colorful, fun entries.

Lee was very generous and shared copies of a few pages for us to play with. I opted to buy journal and begin adding light decorations to it as I am going to give it as a gift. I am adding lines of fun washi tape to the top of each page. I might gather stickers or other fun add-ons to make it into a little kit.

It was fun talking with Lee. This is a journey in her life that she had not expected to take and I think those can be some of the very best journeys. She started out selling to just a few friends. They showed their journals to others, some of whom also bought the journal.
She also hosted the "Daring Doodlers" challenge recently, which received more than 400 entries. You can also see what Lee is up to on her blog. Today she is headed to Chicago to do the same kind of event there. I am excited for Lee and I hope her success continues to grow!