Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh, I will have to Explain My Absence Later... Now for Auction Items

Oh, have I ever been busy. Like all teachers, my personal life nearly goes on hold for the last month of school. Between stuff at the school where my kids attend and the one that I work at, I doubt that I have had more than two or three free evenings since I last blogged. School is nearly over. The earrings I have here are ones that I made for the silent auction at Alpine Valley School. It is my hope that they will appeal to the younger-ish crowd and that they may sell for around $10 or more a pair. That would get $50 for the school and something fun for a few young ladies. The stuff we auction off is generally adult stuff. I am aiming to make some fun "Bubble Blowing and Fun Candy" type of baskets as well. One of my favorite school silent auction items is a good bowl with popcorn, candy and a gift certificate to rent two movies. I love that one but can't pull it off this year. Perhaps next year.