Friday, October 26, 2012

AVS HAlloween Party

Every year I have this fantasy that I am going to somehow find the time and money to make myself a cool Halloween costume. For a long time I wanted to be Ms. McGonagall. I have a super cool purple with hat festooned with feathers. That could be the start of a fun costume as well. However, it never seems to happen.

Last year I was a teenage Goth Girl and my husband did not even want to drive in the same car with me. The rest of the family could not stand to look at me. I thought it was funny. Ellie said I freaked her how.

This year I was Frida Kahlo. I thought it was cool. I don't have the dark skin, but I have long hair that I was able to style into Frida's signature look. I drew in the unibrow and the hint at a mustache that she had.I thought everyone over about 20 would know who I was supposed to be. I found that this was not even close to being true. Those who have a Humanities education smiled and shot me knowing glances. Everyone else thought I was scary, like I could put a curse on them. Funny, that unexpected reaction was.

Ethan went as a construction worker, donning his gear from work. Everyone was happy to see him, my grown up boy, oh I mean, young man.

Ellie's costume came out different than I had invisioned, but great nonetheless. She had a black and red mask that just did not work out. It was fun to make the tutu. Ellie and Kohlton crack me up - they are so funny.

I love how they can look so deadpan and serious! I cannot do that, I would be cracking a smile for sure.

This one cracks her up. Why she looks so dramatic, who knows, but it is funny. And isn't the lighting just right!

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Love your costume Tam!!!