Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A Little Alice

It was back to work and school for us all on Monday. I had much to do and did not get it all done. I had planned to come home, feed the family and set back to work. However, my girl, who felt fine when she left for school in the morning, was sickly, feverish and limp this evening. She simply wanted to have a back rub with her mama's warm hands and a nice bit of being read to. How could I resist. I am thankful that there is still a place for my mothering in her teenage world. Work will wait.

I plied her with cranberry juice and buttered toast in an effort to get something settled in her stomach. She noshed on those while dozing in and out as I read the first few chapters of Alice in Wonderland to her. I like reading out loud and most kids seem to enjoy listening. I add emotion to the dialogue and stop briefly from time to time to take a sip of my orange and cinnamon spice tea that has a generous addition of honey added it. The aroma is just as nice as the flavor. Reading Alice out loud was both pleasurable and a bit challenging once in a while as the story is really kind of weird and wild from passage to passage. Once I got into the rhythm of Lewis' writing style, it went swimmingly. She had arranged herself nicely on the couch with several blankets and a heating pad for her neck. The addition of a kitty to snuggle with her would have been wonderful, but neither one would have it.

Ethan called the mine where he is hoping to work. Though they have been accepting applications for a while, they do not actually anticipate hiring anyone for about 6-8 months from now. He'll have to move onto a new plan. Thankfully, he does not seem put off by it.

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