Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Zombie Dance Party (cookies) or Stop Being Gory

Ah, Ellie and I love October. Fall is her favorite season. I love Halloween. I anxiously await the Halloween merchandise displays at stores such as Target. This year I was relieved (and a bit disappointed)to find that there was not much that wanted. However, when I saw the Zombie Dance Party Cookie Cutter box set, I knew I had to have it. It was a reasonable deal at $5.

Really, I just bought it for the cookie cutters. Ellie and Kohlton decided that they wanted to make the mix that came with the set. It made a small batch of cookies that were green. They smelled good while baking, but Ellie reports that the taste was just okay. I think, homemade cookies are better, of course!

Once the cookies were cool, the started decorating them. They quickly found that the legs tended to break off. This was not a problem since they are zombie cookies anyway. At one point when Kohlton was using a lot of the red, Ellie said to him, "Stop being so gory!" I thought that was funny.

Meanwhile, I ignored the mess in the kitchen and headed to my art room where I have begun to make a few small pieces for an upcoming mail art exchange. I find myself inspired by a lot of the Dead of the Dead art and I feel like the beads in my cabinet lend themselves to the project.

It was hard to close up shop and go to bed at a reasonable hour. I would have much rather stayed up and finish rendering the skulls. Oh well, that will wait for another night.

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