Thursday, September 03, 2015

My Boy Turns 22!

Last night we sat around the fire visiting and making S'Mores. Before I excused myself for the evening, I wished Ethan a happy last day of being 21 as he turns 22 today. A year ago he was on The Boat, and though I am sure he would be happy to still be there, I am happy to have him home with us. I am so proud of the good, honest, hard-working man of integrity that my son has become.
It has been a rough year and we are all still dealing with Grandpa's death. However, those hardships have been an opportunity to see how amazing Ethan is. He set his own exciting and fun life aside to help Grandpa end his with dignity and grace, surrounded by love. Ethan is a strong and steady force, especially when we are dealing with the stuff left behind from that life. He takes that on even though he could have turned away and made himself unavailable. He did not. He faced it head on, make careful, thoughtful choices and did a lot of heavy lifting.

He continues to be a steady influence in his sister's life. I am so thankful for that. The two of them have a special, strong and supportive relationship. Sometimes he has the special magic that helps her. Often he can work that magic when I cannot.

Ethan is willing to take on tasks to improve our lives, like rewiring the crazy electrical job in our front computer room so that we can have a really fun and very bright light. (I love bright light!) He also makes dinners and bakes wonderful bread - those are delightful and such a gift to me when I come home after an extra long day at work.

Ethan brings fun to make things. He is often a lively spark at a gathering, always thinking about and discussing interesting things.

Ethan often amazes me with what he knows. He has a large store of useful and sometimes random information. If he does not know something, he will seek it out, if he is interested in learning about it.

Ethan has done some soul searching that has resulted in his changing the course he thought he was going in his life. He thought that he was going to become a miner, and he might still do that, but he is rethinking that. Mining is hard on a man, physically. He has resigned from his job at the open pit mine and is preparing to take a new direction. He is thinking about starting college in the spring. And we are there to cheer him on.

My boy, all grown up, you are so loved. Happy 22nd birthday.

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