Thursday, December 04, 2008

Starbucks & Martha Stewart - A Great Way to Start the Holiday Season

My entire family had the day before Thanksgiving off. For us, it was the start of the holiday season. To celebrate we had a fun time at Starbuck's across from the lake. The kids were silly as they sipped their frappacinos. Ethan's friend, Brandon stayed the night with us. He and Ethan are like Laurel and Hardy - just so, so silly. You can kind of tell that from the photo here.

Larr worked on a business plan for a new idea he is working on. I broke out the newest Martha Stewart magazine. It is how I start many of my holidays. I anxiously await the arrive of the issue each year. Some years I even break out the issues from past years as a way to warm up. That day was wonderful, cozy and calm.

As I look around blogland I find that many people decorated for Christmas that weekend. We haven't pulled out any of the boxes yet.I haven't even thought about Christmas cards in any serious way. We were simply too busy with bike racing. I would normally be chomping at the bit to decorate by now as my husband makes me wait until past December 1st to decorate. This year we are behind and we will do a bit less. The kids pointed out that our tree should only have lights on it as the kitties are expected to go crazy once it is up. If we put our beautiful ornaments on it we would find them batted into corners, under the couches and unintentionally broken by the furry adolescents we share our house with. Perhaps we can pull some of them out this weekend. We will just have to wait and see since the main goal of the weekend will be getting ready for Nationals. Ellie counting down the days until we leave on Wednesday.

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