Friday, May 15, 2009

The Speed of Things - Some too Fast, Others, too Slow...

Something change quickly. In my last post Ellie had the pick of two time trial bikes to race, but that has all changed. She gets to borrow the Orbea from time to time, but it turns out that it was a birthday present for Coach Lou from her DH and she loves to ride it. Ellie will get that treat from time to time. When it is available, she'll have fun on it. The GT TT bike that was Karen's has been passed onto another girl. The rule is that it gets lent to the fastest girl. This week it was a 16 year old whose TT time was 13 seconds faster than Ellie's. She'll have another shot at it next Wednesday. I think Ellie was mad about it for a while, but took it with grace. She is quite when she is mad or upset so I can't be sure what was really going on. Either way, she handed them back with grace and I am proud of her for that.

On the bright side, she had a fabulous race last Saturday. Nearly every junior in Colorado that races was there. Ellie had a great time with her friends. Here you can see how cute they are:

It was a perfect day to race with a nice temperature and a smidgen of cloud cover. Ellie was feeling fast that day. She got a rough start, having a hard time getting her shoe clipped in, but she made up the time quickly. Here's the picture of her finish. No one was even near her.

Her Wednesday TT race was good, too. She got to ride the Orbea. It was a bit of an adjustment. She had fun and came in first place.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, what about the boy? There's a boy, too, right? Why isn't he in the photos. Well, I'd reply, he was off having fun at Leadership camp staff training. He packed himself rather quickly and found that he was cold. I hope that he learned you should pack for what the weather will be during the time the items are needed, not the temperature when you are rushing around packing. He ended up without a coat and only a sheet to sleep on. Nonetheless, he had a lot of fun, even though he missed the race.

Wednesday he looked great at he flew past at the Wednesday TT race. It is interesting to see how he is maturing. Sometime I can't believe that it is him. My sweet little boy is becoming a muscley, lanky man.

Other things go too slowly. I teach high school seniors whose last day was today. This week is always a trying one. Some are sad and weepy. Others are cocky and rude because they know that it does not really matter if they get in trouble. Others who have been lax about coming to class or turning in class work suddenly wake up and want to do several months worth of work in one night in an insane dash to pass. Few are successful. That makes this week exhausting and stressful. Last night I developed a migraine from the stress. By the time the Senior Gratitude Ceremony was over this afternoon my headache was gone.

This weekend we will cap off our crazy May with Road Bike camp in Longmont. After that, things will begin to get calm.

Now, I'm off to pack.

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