Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Joy of Birds, Plants that Move me to Tears and "Star Trek"

Sometimes unexpected things bring joy. On Friday, after graduation, I was going to get together with my friend, Laura. We always have a lovely time together. We were going to go and buy annuals. However, her dog went into labor so our plants were put on hold. I was fine with that. In fact, it was pretty nice. The rest of the family was at school. I opened the windows so that the cats could enjoy a lovely breeze. I enjoyed the sound of a chorus of birds. I usually only experience this joy in the early morning hours. It seems that the birds are happy for the improving weather as they seem to be singing and chatting from sun up to sun down. Even as I type this I can hear them. It was truly lovely to have some unscheduled time. I spent it getting ready to do a little calligraphy for some young friends who graduate on Sunday. I experimented with font styles, wandered around in the art store and dug out my calligraphy tools. That hobby was part of my former life, my life B.C. (before children). I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I even picked up some paper in the hopes that I might be able to knock out some small gifts to give them. Time will tell on that end.

We spent the morning with Don. As Ethan finished mowing the lawn I admired Eleanor's garden. It is still lovely, but it seems to be missing her. It is just not as radiant as it was before she grew ill. I was determined to enjoy it. After all, it is her legacy. But melancholy drew me in and I cried silently to myself for a while. I could imagine the questions I would be asking her, if she were still here with us. Don, Larr, the kids and I stopped at her grave marker to plant some happy Johnny Jump Ups. She'd be happy with that. Then we toured the garden center where she worked. I had been determined just to look, but we came home with a Scottish Moss, a Purple Candle Cactus,

a Blue Flax and a brilliant red Dahlia annual. That made us all hungry so we had lunch at the Honey Baked Ham store. It was a store straight out of the early 1970's and the food was great. Don told us stories about how he was on the team that developed the first disposable drinking cup. I wanted to share that story here, but Don prefers to tell it himself.

The afternoon was spent with my mom. We went to see the newest Star Trek movie. I expected to enjoy it because I love Star Trek. However, it was even better than I expected it to be. I will have to see that one a second time on the big screen. We went all out with popcorn, candy and drinks. As if that was not enough, we also took my mom out to Basil Doc's for pizza. She hears us talk about it and she wanted to experience it. It was great to spend an evening with her. I love that I love being with my mom.

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