Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Little Mother & Daughter Graphic Design Goin' On

At the mountain bike race on Sunday Ellie noticed that many of the top teams had special t-shirts. She thought it would be nice for her team to have one, too. So we set out to create a design. The ram's head is different from the one on the jersey. It is one that I modified from an image I found online. I added chainring teeth to the horns and modified the face. Ellie did most of the remaining design. The bikes are Specialized Rockhoppers which we made into a graphic. Ellie has a good eye for design. We're sharing the design with the rest of the team to see what thier reaction is.

Here's a glimpse of the race. Thanks to Carrie Dittmer, Ariana's mother, for the photo.

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