Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Lights Party Bus Tour

As a treat to the family, my mother took all of us on a Christmas Light tour in a party bus. We had a fun time.
We go down and see the City and County building every year. Here I am with Ethan and my mom.
Ellie's friend, Christy, came along, too.

I've passed this house many times during the year and never noticed it. You can tell that they love doing the displays.
This is another part of their yard.

The man who lives here has a lab named Daisy who rides in a cage attached to his Harley. They go to Sturgus together each year. Daisy and Bob were happy to greet everyone who came to see their display.

This family made a diorama or two every year. Each one represents some aspect of their lives. The husband is a carpenter and the wife collects dolls. They both seem to love the trains. They've been decorating like this for 29 years.
I think I liked this box best.

The trains were fun, too.

Here's his son's house just a half a block away.

And a little video to set off the day:

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