Friday, December 30, 2011

Zoo Lights - A Lovely Date with My Husband

Christmas lights are my favorite non-people part of Christmas. Last night my husband and I went to the Denver Zoo to take in the glow of the season. It was a perfect evening. Cool enough to feel like wintertime, with just a slight breeze, but not so cold as to be uncomfortable.

We arrived a bit early to see who would be out. Not a lot of animals were walking around. They were mostly interested in watching for the dinner time delivery. Many of the enclosures had Christmas trees. The Rhinos like to eat theirs.

The birds seemed the happiest. I had never noticed the giant swans before. We watched them for a long while. There was a goose who wanted to tell me all about it, even as its dinner sat untouched.
The penguins seemed pleased, too.

We were surprised at how many people were there. The zoo closed at 4:00 and the Zoo Lights started at 5:00. It was kind of magical to watch it all unfold and notice all of the glorious colors.
There were lighted arches where you could take your photo.
Many of the light sculptures had motion.
This was one of my favorites. There was a big tree dressed in a similar fashion. The lights faded from white to red. There was a clever display that looked like a Yeti was tromping through the trees, complete with the sound of foot steps in the hardpacked snow. The red eyes are the last thing to fade in that display.

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