Monday, January 09, 2012

Birthday Cake and Phantom

Photo by Glenn Ross for the Denver Post December 2011

It was a fine weekend for relaxing. Saturday morning Ethan and Larr went rock climbing. Ellie return from a sleep over at a friend's house and I mostly hung out. I cleaned a little, watched a "Sense and Sensiblity" (I am on a Jane Austen movie streak) and tried to decide on my next knitting project. I am pretty sure it will be a pair of mittens.

Saturday evening we all met back up to go to the Weisner home where we shared fine company, a wonderful meal and a birthday cake made for me.

I was touched that they would do that for me.

Most of the folks then headed off in the fluffy snow to take in a University of Denver hockey game. Wendy, Caroline and I stayed home. Caroline and Wendy began decorating the felt heart cut outs from the kit I put together for them. I balled four skeins of year and we chatted a lot.

I have come to realize that I appreciate a quiet, thoughtful knitting project every January; one where I can nestle into a chair or couch and simply enjoy the process and the magic of witnessing the emergence of the pattern. I had considered a few different patterns including:

I gave "Deep in the Forest"

mittens some very serious consideration. If I had the proper yarn on hand, I would have gone that direction.

Hiroshage Mittens.

I like Kanagawa, too. I actually purchased that pattern and will knit them in more social situations where I can't focus on a complicated chart.

In the end I have settled on Tourbillion mittens done in shades of purple.

On Sunday my mother and aunt were to go to the Boulder Dinner Theater to celebrate my mother's birthday, but my aunt was sick so I went in her place. I always enjoy time along with my mother and I love the theater, so it was a great afternoon. They put on a small scale version of "Phantom of the Opera" that was very clever. The costumes and acting were great. Even though I knew what as comig, I cried at the end of the story. My mother thought that was a little funny.

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