Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beginning to think about Graduation - Decorating Ideas

Today we had a meeting at school to begin planning Ethan's graduation party. Brett and Ethan will be graduating together. In the big room and the main room we would like to hang up some sort of fun garland, or flag bunting, etc. The big room has buttresses.
Party Tassel Tutorial and Table Decoration Idea:
These are from the Dec. 21, 2011 Joe and Cheryl blog where they have generously included a tutorial.

The tassels are made from 1'=2'long strips of fabric or ribbon. Each tassel has about 6 pieces. It seems like the fabric pieces are pretty wide.

I like this idea, too, though I think ours will have some nice garden fauna and paper dots of various sizes that match the colors the boys will be using.

I also really like the sewn paper garland

from Minieco blog (OCt. 21, 2010)
And then there is the bunting or garland with a variety of shapes from Purl Bee.
This idea for dealing with banner and streamers is fun, too. It is another idea from Martha Stewart.
It is a good starting point. I'd like to get going with the decorations so that I have time to enjoy making them, instead of it being a big push.

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