Saturday, February 04, 2012

Being a Bit Artsy on a Snow Day

It was a crazy, busy week that was capped of by a lovely, sort of unexpected snow day on Friday. (I think we got about 18" of snow.) It was a nice gift of time. On my way between meetings on Thursday I went by Agnes of Glass and picked up the paperweight that I made. I am very pleased with how it turned out.

I hope to be able to take more classes at her shop.

I've also had a bit of time to sit and enjoy knitting. This morning I sat on the couch at the foot of my bed, a sleepy cat by my side, knitting and watching the snow drift down in fat snowflakes.
The fit is nice. The wool is warm, especially since there are two layers with the colorway I am knitting.

I also spent a bit of time cruising the net. I came across a fun doodling and lettering class that I decided to take. It had already started, but I decided that I could catch up easily. It is "Letter Love 101" offered by Joanne Sharpe. I've already had a good time.

One of the assignments was to write out, "Play, practice, write, repeat."

This was a quote I found on another website. I thought it provided good practice, too.

Today the sun came out and the streets were driveable again. This meant that I could make my way the art store and pick up some new, wonderful markers. (I've always had a weakness for markers, paint, etc.) This time I got a few Copics and some Primsa markers - what fun!

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