Saturday, June 16, 2012

Epic Singletrack Hill Climb

Today marked the beginning of a new adventure in mountain biking for Ellie. She branched out and decided to do the Epic Singletrack Race Series up at Winter Park. It started off with a hill climb, which is awesome for her. She likes going up. Going down - that can be another story.

She had many choices to choose from today. She could have done the Colorado State Time Trial Championship race or she could have been part of the Colorado Star Ball, like she did last year, but the Epic Singletrack was what she wanted, and she rocked it.

We went back and forth about whether she should race beginner, or sport. We settled on beginner as we had no idea what the competition would be like and this would be her last year for the 15 and younger category. She can race sport next year. They started out all of the beginner women, regardless of age/category, which gave Ellie a good sense of how she could do and it improved her pacing. She was able to keep up with the adult women for a good portion of the race.

She won her category by about 35 minutes. If she had done sport, she would have won by about 7 minutes. She was only 20 seconds off the expert 18 and younger girl, though Erin might have pushed it harder if she had competition. Either way, she had a great time. She had fun hanging with the boys on the team, too.

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