Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Veggie Garden

I'm always a little late in getting our veggie garden growing. I admire people who start their stuff form seed in the dead of winter. I used to try that, but my cats would nibble on the young plans. Now I put in plants from a small, local grower.

I love fennel. I have this one because it is beautiful and makes me happy. When I run my hand along its airy parts it comes out smelling a little like licorice.

The early morning light makes this tiny parsley plant look wonderful.

Now that the weather has turned hot (104 degrees yesterday - broke a state record) the tomatoes are happier. They like it hot and sunny.

These are volunteers. They've been going since before we bought our house 20 years ago.

Ethan wanted to try growing potatoes. I was not sure how happy they would be. It turns out that they love growing in our gardens. They look completely different from what I expected. I thought they would be light green and viney, like sweet potato vines. These make me happy.

This bush in the front yard has beautiful, striking color.

This is the most successful plant in our veggie garden. It was planted by the birds, I think. I know it is something from the squash family, but which member has yet to be disclosed. We will know soon.

The tiger lilies turn their faces to greet the sun each morning, smiling at the day.

The trumpet vines put on a pretty face to greet you as you enter our front door.

The tiny squash is already setting up blossoms.

For some reason, I am a much better flower gardener than vegetable gardener. It may be a timing issue. I was when my husband unexpectedly did a bunch of tilling yesterday morning before it got hot. It was such a help in getting our veggie garden back into respectable shape. Those pesky weeds had set up camp.

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