Monday, August 13, 2012

Boreas Pass, Breckenridge, CO

We spent a few days in the mountains. I am so thankful that we live in such a beautiful place.
Boreas Pass is an easy drive up the mountains near Breakenridge.

The road used to be an old railroad grade. This house would have been for the manager.
On the way up we stopped to take in the trees. I love the way the light filters down through the tall sentries, The way the light dances softly on the ground cover. I imagine what is it like on a windy day, swaying slowly, silently.

I also have a thing for moss and fungus.

And, oh, the young little trees, so full of hope and promise and possibility.

It was a curious sight to find these juvenile pinecones nestled happily in the various crooks of a fallen, rotted log. How had they gotten there? Was it the handy work of a studious, determined forest creature? Had the rain pushed them into the crooks on its hurried journey down the mountain in springtime?
The colors and textures of this pinecone beckoned me away from the cozy pinecone pile.

Upon a closer look on another log, there is yet more promise of quiet life making its way.

I was captivated by this hint of a tree that stretches to catch the light as it flits through the tall trees.

At the summit I was pleased to see a painter as we made our way to the parking lot. Larr went off to find more photographic magic. I ambled over an introduced myself to Janis Krendick. Her painting excites and intrigued me because it is so impressionistic, leaving the viewer to fill in the details. I find myself so interested because my own paintings are too tight. I was thankful that she was willing to discuss art with me.

We discussed paints and process and light. I was delighted that Janis was so willing to talk about it all. She does her paintings quickly. She used to work in pastels, another medium that I am interested in, but have not been brave enough to really try. I know that I would be prone to accidentily smear the colors with the side of my palm.

You can see more of Janis' work over on her website. Perhaps you will find inspiration, too. My thanks to Janis for providing a highlight and sparkle to my day.

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