Friday, August 03, 2012

Boys and Their Toys - Ethan's New Job

My son has a new job. He just might be the envy of many boys, oh, I mean men. He gets to drive one of these articulated dump trucks. The tires are almost at tall as my 6' boy.

He went in the interview expecting to be on labor crew and was very excited when he learned that he would be an operator.

He has been so excite to go to work that he keeps nearly forgetting his lunch. We should all be so lucky. He has always loved to play in the dirt.

Each summer my husband heads up a the Open Space Trail Stewardship program where supervises a crew leaders and about 70 kids maintaining hiking trails. During the last week of the program a very select number of kids are given special yellow shirts. Each day the leaders take note and make marks on the shirts. It drives the kids a little crazy as they try to guess what those marks mean. By the day before the end of season party, they think they have it figured out. At the end of the season party a few of them are given awards.
There are three levels of awards: the bronze shovel, the silver pick and the golden McCleod.

It is quite an award to receive. Our boy was given an award last year.

It was a great season, but I imagine that they are all happy to be done and onto the business of having summer break.

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