Friday, September 07, 2012

Colorado State Fair

My sweet mother has always wanted to go to the Colorado State Fair. It is one of the items on her bucket list. However, since she does not drive on the highway or at night (if at all possible) she did not think she would get there. Once she happened to mention it, I knew that we would have to make the trip. That is such an easy and fun one. And oh my, did we ever make a trip of it.
I think my favorite thing of the entire event was watching the kids get to go on a helicopter ride. How cool is that? So cool. The cousins, Angelo and Lando James, were not interested in sitting in the front; Ellie was happy to take that spot. They turn a turn around the fair grounds and a bit of the neighborhood.

Grandma also wanted to buy something special for each of us. Ellie and I both picked out hats. I've been on the hunt for a good hat that does not look stupid on me for a few years. (There is something about my long hair and bangs that make most hats look really silly on me, no kidding!) Ellie has long wanted a straw cowboy hat and scored a perfect one. I think it looks wonderful on her.

And then there is fair food. I was not really interested in much of it, but we did have to share a few funnel cakes. That is a weakness that I have. It has been years since the last time I had one. It was good, but now I am set for another couple of years.
Then there are all kinds of crazy, fun things. Don't we all need an inflatable brain?

I also loved all of the classic style vendors. I took pictures of many of them. I think that would make a great topic for a coffee table book.

I love the rides like this one. They remind me of the time that I attended the fair when I was a young girl.
it was interesting people watching and seeing all of the stuff you could buy. Some of it was good. Much of it was kind of tacky, and a bit fun.

I would have like to try this one, but we had run out of cash at that point. I also had a headache. Don't you think it looks fun?

The rides were kind of fun, too. The boys got unlimited ride passes. Ellie did not feel the need for one.
The one ride that Ellie did want to go on was the Fireball. The boys stood in line with her for a while, then changed their minds about riding it.

She was into it!

The colors of the rides and the midway were even prettier at night.

We also went through most of the exhibit halls that featured animals. Several of us were smitten with the soft, friendly rabbits.

After a BBQ dinner, we headed off to the Mexican Rodeo.

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