Saturday, September 01, 2012

Gifts for Kids - Necklaces and Pumpkin Hats

I've been enjoying making presents for various people lately. They are small projects that I've been able to work on while waiting for Ellie at bike practice, or while watching a movie at home.
This necklace is for Seth. It all started with the one we gave to Maris. It seems that variations on this idea are becoming part of our team kits. They are made with bike parts called spoke nipples. So when they asks if they can have a nipple necklace, too, they giggle a bit and I must admit that I do, too.

This one is for Matthew. He was very pleases when I gave it to him. That made me happy.

This past spring seven of my friends had babies. I loved the fruit hats that I made for my children when they were babies. I also thought it might be a fun way to embrace the coming of fall.

Thus, I am on hat number six. The girl's hats get leaves, the boy's hats do not.

How cute are they!

The pattern for the leaves can be found here in Ravelry. Here is the hat pattern, too.

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