Sunday, November 04, 2012

Little Woolie Swirls - Mittens Complete

I love to knit mittens. They are fun to make, easy to carry around and work on while visiting with friends and they don't take very long. I also love swirls.

The swirls knit from a lovely alpaca yarn that I purchased from an alpaca ranch in Grandby. That was a fun day as we got to tour the race, play with the giant dog who watches over the herd and the store. We even got a tour of the facility. The owners were fun and interesting. The purple yarn is a luscious blend of merino wool and a small bit of alpaca.

I came across this pattern last spring when I was browsing through the immense pattern selection on Ravelry. The pattern is Toubillon by Kris Carlson.It includes the mittens (of course), a cowl and a tam. You can get information on the pattern and see what others thought of it, as well as their version of the end item on Ravelry. You can purchase the pattern for $6 over at Twist Collective.

Next up is a pair of black and white mittens with a sugar skull design on the front. Ellie loves my Memento Mori mittens that I made for myself last year and has requested a pair of her own. I am pretty sure every knitter loves to do a project that is requested. I'm changing up the cuff from the Latvian braid to a ribbed cuff to keep the snow out.

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