Saturday, April 19, 2014

Christy Graduates and a Story About Ethan in Eureka

It has been a crazy week, and not just for me, but most of the people I know. Perhaps it was the blood mood on Monday. Part of it for me was the plethora of meetings I had this week. I was in so many meetings that it felt like actually teaching was the side gig. but that is enough of that.

The highlight of the week was Christy's graduation on Wednesday. She and her family had moved from New Mexico to Denver to be part of the school when she was three years old. Wednesday's graduation was the capstone of a long, fun, crazy, dramatic and lovely journey for Christy. She was the only one graduating this year, so the show was all for Christy. Bruce and Larr gave speeches.
Even though I have heard my husband give speeches for years. Even though I listen to each speech many times in order to help him perfect it, I am still drawn up in the magic of his speaking. I love to watch the emotion move across his face. I love to hear the rhythm he will add to the live performance. It is truly magical. Part of me is very sorry that Ellie will not get a chance to see what speech she would write for him. That speech is delivered by the thesis panel chairman, which cannot be your own father.
Missa, Christy's sister, is the president of the school so she had the joy of awarding Christy her diploma.
The school gives each graduate a few gifts. There is a silver coin and a special book. She also received a fountain pen and a ticket for a train journey so that Christy can go on an adventure. She also received an Underwood 5 typewriter from the Cure family. Christy mentioned that she wants to write a novel on a typewriter, so Aaron got her the iconic one.
There was also a casual reception that evening.

Out in California Ethan continues to have adventures. They are currently in Eureka where the crew of the Lady Washington was approached by a woman who wanted to honor her dead husband who was a sailor by hosting a party for them. She arranged for the shindig to take place at a mansion in the Redwoods. She also arranged for a group of her friends to shuttle the crew from the boat to the party. There was a first class BBQ, lots of interesting people and good times. Ethan continues to have a wonderful, interesting and educational time on the Lady Washington.

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