Monday, April 21, 2014


Easter was a pretty quiet affair at our house. Ellie and Kohlton decorated eggs the night before. We had the traditional egg dyeing kit, one that also included very fine glitter and another for creating golden eggs by painting them.
Remmie had scrambled eggs for breakfast for a few days. It seemed silly to waste the eggs, but none of us wanted eggs cooked with a bit of spit from blowing them out.
The painted eggs were not as pretty as the ones on the package, of course, but I really enjoyed working with them.
(found at Curbly)
I had planned on doodling on a few, but I ran out of energy to do it. Maybe that will happen next year.
I am also smitten with these rabbits that I found through Pinterest.
(Really fun handmade animals found at Brichopas About Toys)
On Easter Sunday we had brunch at my mother's house and watched part of the epic "King of Kings."
Monday afternoon I hosted an Easter Egg hunt for Ellie and Kohlton since Kohlton could not join us on Sunday.I had glittered eggs for Ellie, camouflage eggs for Kohlton, a few larger eggs for bigger candy, a gold egg and a silver egg. I stuffed them with jelly beans (regular and Jolly Rancher flavored,)fizzy sour candies, gummy cola bottles, chocolate truffles, a coupon for a local amusement park 2 for 1 (I had two of those), free Chick-fil-a sandwich cards, 2 movie tickets (so that they can do dinner and a movie date)and two Nerf water guns for the big prizes.

And of course, I have a fun video:

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