Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ellie's Trip to South Africa -Arriving at Hunter's Hill

(Most of the photos in this post are from the Hunter's Hill website)
After traveling for two days, Ellie, Kohlton and Mark finally arrived at Hunter's Hill. Mark and Kohlton were there for a hunting safari; for Ellie it was a photo safari. This was the second such adventure for Mark and Kohlton. Hunter's Hill was by far the better resort.

Hunter' Hill is a game farm and a conservation farm. It 55,000 ( 15 x 9 miles), located in the Stormberg Mountains near Queenstown in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province. They provide hunting guide to make sure that the hunts are done correctly and as humanely as possible. They have worked hard to reclaim the land from overgrazing. They have worked hard with a strategic plan to bring back species that have been on the extinction or near extinction lists.Through this program they have taken a few breeding pairs of animals and created whole herds.

Let me show you the resort:

The main compound includes the main building, the Lapa Lounge, a dinning hall, a bar, a pool, etc.

Some of the guests stay in individual stone chalets. I've included a picture of the bedroom that is similar to the one they stayed in, but I think theirs was larger. There is a sleeping space, a bathroom and a sitting area. Ellie was originally in another chalet, but they moved her mattress so that they could be together.
During one of the visits, a cape buffalo walked up to a chalet and looked in the window.

(The rest of the photos are by Ellie.)

Ellie said that the meals were amazing. The chef, Max, is a five star chef from the Congo. Each night dinner would feature meat from the previous day's hunt. Ellie says that it was all wonderful. Law prohibits the export of any of the meat, so some of it was served at the resort and the rest went to the local community.

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