Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Aubrey and Andreas Suter Wedding

This last weekend, Ellie, Kohlton and I attended the Aubrey and Andreas Suter wedding. It took place in a fabulous rented private residence in Copper Mountain. It was a casual and fun wedding.
Aubrey and Andreas met when they were children at our school. They are also both AVS graduates. There were just friends while at school. I think the relationship bloomed after they became adults.
They've dated for many years. They own a ranch with a few horses, a rally care, a garden, lots of computer and techy equipment and they just recently added chickens. Neither of them are fussy or formal, so they wanted a very casual affair, and as you can see in the photos - it was indeed very casual. Ari, Andreas' brother, officiated the wedding. The actual ceremony was very short and sweet.
Afterwards there was a casual reception in the house where they offered their guest a few different kinds of home brewed beer that every seemed fond of. They also had Chipotle cater the wedding, which worked out really well.
Family and friends were there. It was a small group, but enough to make the house feel festive.
Everyone seemed to have a good time.

The house was amazing and huge. In the basement there were two bedroom, a game room complete with a pool table, a movie theater, bathrooms and a bunk bed room. The bunk bed room featured six queen size beds, each with its own cable & DVD player with headphones and a light. There were also several bathrooms. On the main floor there was an amazing kitchen, a great room, a study, a few bathrooms, a large pantry and a bedroom. There was also a porch and a hot tub. Upstairs there was a living room, a few bedrooms, a giant guest bedroom and an amazing bathroom. Since it is still mud season (the time when the snow has melted, but it is not really warm enough for summer, yet) they were able to rent the entire house for $500 a nice, three night minium. It looked like a relaxing and fun way to celebrate a marriage.

We decided to make a road trip of the affair. We brought Remmie along. We found that he is not fond of going more than 50 miles per hour in the car. At first he seemed happy to be included; he enjoyed sticking his head out of the car window, until we got going too fast. Then his joy turned to concern and he huddled in a ball in the back seat. At the hotel he was happy when we were all in the room together, but when the kids when out shopping (it is an outlet mall town), Remmie became worried. I was still fairly sick so Ellie drove. I was able to tuck myself away for a while during the reception for a nap and then I took a longer one at the hotel when the kids were out. The hotel room was a big disappointment, but we still enjoyed ourselves. I managed to sleep all of the way home since my girl opted to drive - a nice thing about her growing up and liking to drive.

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