Friday, October 09, 2015

A Touch of Frost and a Flash of Color

Ethan and his friend Brandon went for a drive in the mountains yesterday. They had hoped to catch the fall colors, but that was short lived this year. They found a different kind of beauty instead.
In the morning, everything wore a coat of frost. It was as if they were dressed in gossimer gowns.

As the day progressed, it warmed up and the melting dew caught the light, looking like diamonds.

On the way back they stopped in Breckenridge for lunch and found the blue trees that were part of an art celebration in August. Many trees were painted blue with a paint that will fade over time. The result was striking.
I had hope to make it to that event, but it conflicted with the beginning of the school year. I had forgotten about the trees and so this was a pleasant surprise.

It is gratifying to be reminded how talented my son is. Both kids seem to have inherited their photographer's eye from their father.

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