Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Party Pizzazz

One of our favorite evenings of the year is when we have the Pumpkin Carving party. We invite our friends over to share a potluck dinner, good conversation and pumpkin carving. Each year is a little different. Last year it was a bit more ruckus with the younger teens breaking into a pumpkin gut flinging play fight. That made a mess that was still evident a month after the party was over. I was certainly not up for that happening again. This year the kids were more self monitoring and all we had was a lot of fun. I think we had about 35 guests over for the evening.

We cover every table on the main floor with a plastic table cloth. We use our decoration storage boxes like tables and many people simply use the floor. We put out our buckt-o-carving tools and others bring their own. This year the pumpkins tended to have a more scary bent than in the past. I tried a new way to carve my pumpkin, using a variety of brass tubes to create a lace pattern. I did not finish it yet so I will wait to share that in another post. A kid or two were also very clever with tooth pics.

The evening was colder than usual so I made spiced apple cider and had hot chocolate with whipped creme. My Thia Curry Pumpkin was a great hit. I intend to post that recipe soon. We started out with a huge pot and it was gone before the evening was finished.

It is wonderful to see the kids having such fun. Ethan's pumpkins get more intricate each year. Ellie is more into the silliness she and her friends are having. Having our party makes it seem like fall has really arrived.

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