Monday, March 09, 2009

Let the Races Begin!

These past few days were busy,busy, busy. Last Wednesday and Thursday we had a ton of family members come to town for Eleanor's funeral. Thursday I was a wreck. The anticipation of the funeral was terrible for me. Friday went better than I expected. The funeral was really lovely. My DH and his older brother spoke. The church was filled nearly to overflowing and the lunch reception put on by the members of the church was grand. I will write more about it on another day, maybe. Friday was the only day when everyone was in town so we celebrated Elli's 12th birthday by playing putt-putt golf in a glow-in-the-dark course. That was fun, too. I thought it might be weird to celebrate on Eleanor's funeral day, but it was actually okay. It was us enjoying each other and Eleanor loved that.

Saturday was the first race of the season. This time Ellie was the only one to race and that felt weird. Ethan spent the day with Keenan who is leaving for the Marines today. It may be years before we see him again so I understood Ethan's reason for skipping the race. Ellie was amazing. She finished the 14 mile time trial in 39 minutes. That comes to an average of 2.78 minutes per mile. Her very fastest TT time per mile last year was 3.10. Last year her fastest ride for 10 miles was 37 minutes. This time she did 14 miles in 39 miles. And she could have been faster. Half way through the race her racing shoe broke and her foot came out. She was forced to do the last half powered by one leg (can you imagine?) When she was done she said, "Mom, it was really good to go out and be fast again." I love when things like that happen. We celebrated her first place win with giant cinnamon rolls from Johnson's Corners, a place famous for them. We then stopped and used our REI dividend to get her new shoes. We may yet try to get the others fix since they are still under warranty.

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