Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Many Interests of Ethan

Last week Calvin was in town for Eleanor's funeral. He love skateboarding. He even convinced Ethan to give it a try. Ethan looked very serious as he tried it, but he did enjoy it.

Since bike practice started on Thursday, Ethan decided to give his bike a complete cleaning. It was great to see how lovely the cassette looks when it is all shined up. I sometimes forget how messy Cyclocross is.

Ethan has wanted to learn to weld since he was about ten. It is a natural fit to go with the blacksmithing he does. Until now he has been limited to reading about it and watching videos on how to do it. Our neighbor, James, just purchased a welder and invited Ethan over. I think James got to use his new stuff for about five minutes before everyone else moved in to take it over. It was great to see Ethan using his new chaps that we got for him for Christmas. He had a grand time!

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