Friday, May 04, 2012

A Bit of Planting - Nice to Step Away From the Computer

As weather, time, sunlight and budget allows, I've been reworking the gardens in the front of our house. I started to dig up the corner by the mailbox last summer. It had been a garden before, but kids, drought, grad school took priority and weeds took over. It tilled it and planted a few things from the clearance rack at a garden center.

Most of the plants made it over the winter, but that was just a start and I had a large, blank, dirt canvas. My husband surprised me last week by tilling those open areas for me and that allowed me to do the fun part today - put in plants. Home Depot is having a great sale so I only spent about $30 on plants. I haven't actually planted everything on this plan, but I have put in most of it. I am still musing over whether a peony is the best anchoring center plant. It is so lovely in the late spring, but pretty basic the rest of the year.

The mosaic was made by using a feature within Big Huge Labs.

Photo credits:
1. Wooly Lamb's Ear about to flower, 2. Plum Pudding Coral Bells, 3. Salvia sylvestris, 4. Oregano, 5. Saxifrage, 6. Foxglove , 7. P1010941, 8. P1010941, 9. Artemisia 'Silver Mound', 10. Scabiosa, 11. varisageclose, 12. peonies-crop-2011.JPG

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