Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Still More Jersey Designs

Once you begin to show people a few designs, everyone has things they like and don't like. I had some things about the last set of designs that I did not like, namely the color gradient on the flames. The rainbow effect was not right for the team which is mostly boys. I worked on that aspect first.
I like this color combo better.

I tried putting the mountains back because the coach likes them.

One of the main sponsors did not like the other flames, but Ellie wants a cool design, so I tried out another set of flames coming out from a different direction.

And here is a much more tame, safe and adult like option. I am not sure that the kids will like it as much as they would like the others. The trick is knowing how to balance the pleasures of a sponsor with that of the kids on the team.

Who knows if any of these will make the cut. That is how design goes much of the time.

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