Friday, May 18, 2012

Ellie versus Pavement - Tie Round?

Ellie was in a hot race, practice for the weekend, when she had a crash. She thinks that she flipped over her handlebars,
slid along the ground on her chin and then

Flipped. We're not sure what caused this injury. My guess is that her slid into her and the handlebar hit her hip first, causing her to flip.
And then she must have slid some more. There are more injuries in places that I don't want to show online. The most painful one must be an internal injury. The spot just looks a bit scuffed.

We learned a lot about road rash care last night, information that has changed since the kids first started racing. We no longer use hydrogen peroxide as it kills healthy tissue. She had to scrub out her injuries and try to make the surface as sterile as possible. Then we covered them with special gauze that has a jelly on it so that the gauze does not stick to the wound. We covered that with regular gauze and then used a variety of different methods to keep them in place. We've used a foam wrap where we can and a special tape on places like her chin. The idea is to have the wound heal from the inside out, instead of the other way around. We are to keep it moist to reduce scabbing, which would lead to scarring. It will ooze, weep and be pussy for a few days. She looks a bit like a warrior. Hopefully the healing will go smoothly.

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