Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Mid July Garden Tour

What a summer this has been. Colorado has been ravished by forest fires followed by flooding. We are most recently reeling from the shootings at the movie theater in Aurora. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those families. It is such a tragedy on so many levels.

From the outside I would imagine that things look pretty bleak.For most of us, however, it is mostly a summer with extreme weather. We've bounced between monsoon like rain to a record breaking string of days that approach or exceed the 100 degree mark. Usually it is a more manageable 85 degrees. The weather has had an interesting impact on my garden. On type of weeds has been replaced with another. Some heat loving plants are very happy, while those who like more cool weather are stagnate. They are green and upright, but refuse to grow. Let's have a look at what is happening our garden.

The early morning sun makes the cherry tomatoes look like they are glowing. They love the heat.

The eggplant has set out two lovely flowers. We'll have to see what transpires from there. I don't have a great track record growing them. This is the Japanese variety.

This, the most robust plant in the garden, was planted by the birds, I believe. For a long time I watched to see what kind of plant it would turn out to be. I knew it was a gourd of some sort. I think it will be white pumpkins. How exciting and what a surprise!

I love the squash blossoms. I wish I could put them in a vase in the house. However, they don't like that idea one bit.

Here's our first little zuchinni. I hope that many more will follow.

We are growing three varieties of potatoes. They are a new crop for us. They are much more lovely than I had expected. I thought they would be vines, like sweet potato vines. These plants were tall, upright soldiers for a long while. The heat seems to have forced them to their knees.

During the winter I dithered over whether I should grow veggies at all. I considered having a cutting flower garden. In the end I compromised with tall sunflowers mixed among the veggies and herbs.

The pond started with two plants. They seem to really like the hot weather.

If you come over to our house, the trumpet vines will be one the first ones to greet you. They are happy and exuberant.

Thee little guys are a bit more shy. They will give off a lovely fragance that you can carry with you for a while if you simply brush your hand on the foliage.
Out front, the garden has shifted its palette of colors from the deep, lush purples and blues to a riot of yellow and orange. I think I need to plant more of these.

These are in the allium family and are persistent greeters in the garden.

One of my favorite things is ornamental grasses. This is one I planted last year. It seems happy in its spot keeping a strict eye on the sidewalk and the goings-on there.

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