Thursday, July 05, 2012

Independence Day and Thankfulness

The Firefighters are finally getting the upper hand on the many fires that have ravaged Colorado. The fire season started on June 9th with the High Park fire, which is now contained and will hopefully be put out soon. Then June 23, the Waldo Canyon fire started. There were others, too: Eleven Mile Reservoir, Leadville, etc.

Firefighters, both native and borrowed from other states, have been the heros. Their dedication has been nearly tireless and their efforts have paid off.
I am thankful for their service. I also appreciate the willingness of their families to support their important efforts and the sacrifices they make.

The local station has always sent out a firetruck and a firefighter or two for our annual 4th of July Bicycle Parade.
We've always enjoyed having them take part, often leading the parade (until the kids zoom past them), but this year I think many of us looked at them a bit differently. I think the fires have made us more aware, and more thankful for their dedication to their careers.

There's always a little love for the fire trucks, too.

We had the usual family party at my mother's house. Since there was a fire ban there were no fireworks. Ethan replaced the regular bangs with those made from a bit of vinegar and baking soda in a capped soda bottle. The right mix, the right timing, throw it against a wall and you have yourself a nifty fire-free bang!

Grandma Gay also provided giant bubble wands. Ellie and Kohlton took the opportunity to have a bubble duel.

My mother's dog, Teddy, is always happy to have company. He is such a sweet dog. Do you see the smile on his face?

This year I found myself thankful for the efforts of those who secured and keep our independence and those who keep us safe.

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