Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Gift From My Love

I love Christmas lights. I think they are my favorite Christmas decoration. I especially love the blue lights.
On the day after Thanksgiving my husband had been out running errands. He called and asked me to go out to his car to see something. I went out with my apron and slippers on, expecting to peak my head in the car door, see the something special and then return to what I was doing. Instead, he asked me to get in the car. He drove around the neighborhoods near our house showing me some of the nice displays that were already up. As we neared our destination he had me close my eyes. He parked and had me get out, eyes still closed, to follow him. Once we were in the right position he allowed me to see the surprise. I was thrilled with what I saw - a perfectly light Christmas tree, in fully glowing glory. At that moment we stood, holding hands, gazing at the lights. My heart swelled with love. This was a token to let me know that he knows what is in my heart, what will bring me join and found a fun way to share it with me. It means a lot to me to have such gestures from him. It is another reason to count my lucky stars - I have a husband who, after so many years (we've been together since 1983) still loves me. I love him more now than the day that I married him.

When I was little my mother would take us around to see the lights. We'd even ride the bus down to downtown Denver to see the special window displays The Denver Dry Goods and Joslin's Department store. Each year the stores would have a theme or tell some sort of story. The Nutcracker or Swan Lake were always my favorite. One year they even did a Peter Pan meets Santa story line. At May D&F. you could go skating and have hot drinks. We would wonder in to find our way to the basement where there was an elaborately created Christmas village with a pathway that led to Santa. It was pure magic!

When Eleanor, my mother-in-law was alive, we used to drive around and look at the displays. I would have the kids bundled up in the back. We would return home, satisfied and happy, topping off the evening with hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.

I try to carry on the tradition with my kids, though it is different now that they are older. I simply ask if they would like to join me and be happy when they go. Otherwise, I am content to go by myself.

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