Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ellie Gets Her Driving Permit

Yesterday Ellie was finally able to take the written portion of the driving test and she passed with flying colors. She has been chomping at the bit to get her permit. In order to be able to get it now, even though she is still just 15, she had to take the "Alive at 25" class. A small happy dance in celebration is in order.

I also it would be fun to post a photo of the mittens I recently finished. She loves my sugar skull mittens, but wanted her own pair, ones with longer cuffs. I was happy to do it. It is always more fun to knit something for another person, a person who actually wants what you are making for them. Plus, it pushes me out of my usual color range. These are done with DK weight Cascade Superwash wool. That means they are thick, warm and washable. I used the Memento Mori Mittens pattern that can be found over at Ravelry.I think the pattern is well written.
When Ellie was little, we used to listen to books on tape during road trips. We listened to The Hobbit more than once. I think she did not like this at all. As a result, she was not interested in seeing "The Hobbit" at all. She spent the day with Kohlton, so Larr, Ethan and I went to the movies without her. "The Hobbit" is beautifully done, just as I had expected. Peter Jackson embellished the story significantly, but I believe that it was in keeping with the intent of the story.

There were many handsome men in the movie, as you can see here.

I also saw "Anna Karenina" recently. The new version of this classic Russian novel is unusual, with nearly everything looking like it is taking place on a grand stage. The costumes, the sets and the actors are all very lovely.

Next up, I want to see "Les Miserable."

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