Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Collage Class with Mary Morrison & Golden Paints

On Saturday I got to take a Mix Media with Acrylics class hosted by Mary Morrison, a working artist for Golden Paints. It is always a treat to take one of her classes. Golden are hands down my favorite art company. They have quality products, lots of interesting variety and a good company ethic.
This first project was just a quick one to see how well the paint responded to a light fiber paste sub-strait (base). I love how the colors feather out as if it had been wet watercolor paper. I will most likely go back in and add more to this painting. It is my painting of a black bird, though there is no actual black. I am all about color.

Next up was working with large brushes to create a background for a piece. I've always worked with tiny, fussy brushes, so this was exciting and freeing.
I went to town with the big brushes and created this colorful background. I applied the light fiber paste to a canvas first and worked in the paint while the paste was still wet. It was tons of fun, but did not really work for the project. I had intended to paint a light section and a dark section, with words carved into the dark part (sgraffito). The words are a saying about blackbirds in folk lore. I thought I might paint a large bird in the middle. We'll see. It may simply be too busy for what I have intended.
I quickly moved onto my next canvas and made a much more simple background. Then I moved onto the college part. Many people covered their canvas with images and then painted over parts. I was inspired by a monoprinted piece and began to cut out bits from magazines to make trees. Pretty soon it looked like I was channeling Eric Carle. I love him, so I went with it. The pieces are not actually tacked down yet. I am still thinking about it. I like the piece, but it is a bit literal and childish. I have not decided if that is the way I want to go.

Ellie helped me bring stuff in from the car. She liked these pieces. That always makes me feel good.

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