Sunday, March 10, 2013

Frozen Dead Guy Days 2013 - Nederland, CO

Ellie and I went up to Nederland on Saturday so that we could go to Frozen Dead Guy Days up in Nederland. It was snowing and we drove carefully to get to Kahlton's and Mark's house. The mountains are so beautiful when they are covered in snow.

It seemed kind of fitting since it is a winter festival.

The cold and the snow did not put us off. It made us rather silly. Once we got there we found that the town was much more empty than we had expected. It turns out that one of the major canyon highways was closed. A tour bus had crashed into the river. There were also car crashes on the other side of the canyon. Thus, most of the events were moved to Sunday as we were expecting better, more sunny weather.

They did manage to see the coffin races. It was silly fun, too. There were teams of 7 people, six carrying a "coffin" and one person riding. One team, the "Frigid Beavers" were women from Oklahoma who were doing the race to celebrate one woman's 60's birthday. One woman said that it was the hardest thing she had ever done as she was trying to run at a very high altitude. I was so impressed.

We went back to Mark's and Kohlton's house at around 3:00 0r 3:30. The roads were getting dicey as the rain that had fallen on Friday night had become ice underneath the snow. Ellie and I decided that it would be better to stay over than risk the drive home. Thankfully, Mark and Kohlton were gracious enough to let us stay the night.

Sunday morning broke with a bright orange glow backed by a bright blue, cloudless sky. I stood at the window at the top of their stairs and looked out the window, trying to memorize the scene. Soon the sun began to warm things up. And though it was a windless morning, small piles of snow began to fall of the pine boughs. A little later on larger amounts began to rain down. Mark calls them snow bombs. They are unpredictable and fun, as long as you are not underneath them. After a leisurely morning, we headed back into town to take in the parade, the frozen t-shirt contest, the ice sculpting, the polar plunge and what ever else we could see. This time around the town was full and parking was hard to find. We had a great time walking around. I was able to greet and pet many different, wonderful dogs. Ellie would have liked to stay longer, but we headed back to home on mostly dry roads, thanks to the efforts of the snow plow guys. It was a really fun weekend.

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