Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunny Times in Grand Junction

Ellie finally feels well enough to be more than a hot lump on the couch. We decided to make the best of the time we have left of Spring Break and headed to Grand Junction. Our friends, the Fosters, live there and they invited us to stay. It is a great place to be. It is warm enough for shorts weather and accessible to make great places to bike.

The trip over the pass was slushy and yucky. I had my windshield wipers going for a long time and I used a ton of wiper fluid. In Frisco traffic was almost at a stand still. We left the house very early, so we still arrived with plenty of time to do stuff. Ethan and a few of his friends were on their way camping near Grand Junction so he called to warn me about the road conditions and a speed trap. He is a good and thoughtful boy.

When the Book Cliffs came into view I knew we were close. That made me very happy.

Natalie and her family are heading out to Crested Butte to go skiing so we got down to the serious business of visiting very quickly.

We went to Enstrom's Candy and picked up a few treats. Natalie also gifted us a nice assortment of chocolates. Back home, the kids started to play. They spend some time on the zipline and riding bikes around.

We cleaned up the bikes so that Glenn could take Ellie and Kolhton for a ride on Lunch Loop before it got dark.

The first day of Spring Break was a success!

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