Monday, April 01, 2013

Spring Break, Part II

We had a leisurely morning on Thursday, seeing the Fosters off on their skiing holiday and then getting ready for the day. We packed some food and headed to the Glenwood Springs Hot Springs pool.

The kids wanted to be there in the evening when it is dark, so I did not want to arrive too early.

There is one giant pool and one much smaller, hotter pool.In the smaller pool you can also sit on bubble chairs, which is much like being in a hot tub.

It was fun seeing some cycling friends that we had not expected to see. It was also kind of nice being just another person in the crowd, too. I ducked out a bit early to grab a few minutes to read. I am part of a committee putting on a Teen Literature conference next week and I am trying to get all of the books read by each of our keynote speakers. I am happily buried in Requiem, the third book in Lauren Oliver's Delirium trilogy.

Between things we also played on the zipline in the back yard.

We also treated Coach Kathy to a nice dinner since she stopped to see us on her way to Moab to do a bit of riding on Slick Rock.

On Friday I spent a little time in town taking in the shops on Main Street. They have some really fun stores. Ellie and Kohlton had shopped a bit on Wednesday and Ellie bought a fun appliqued owl change purse from Pollux. I happen to stop by there, too and found that I loved the way they did their displays. Here are two of the cute girls who work there with their awesome display.

There were also some fun art on the strip.

I also really loved the Seasons store and Girlfriends. The official greeting kitty Season was a good reason to hang around a bit. I also found that they sold some of the art from an artist that I really like.

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