Saturday, April 20, 2013

Primitive Camping - Spring Break, Ethan Style

Ethan and two of his friends went camping in Palisade, less than an hour away from where Ellie, Kohlton and I were, though his style of relaxing was very different from mine. Ethan, James and Scott went on a primitive style camp-out.

They had originally planned to camp near the Book Cliffs, but that road was blocked by an gate. The guys poured over the atlas and found another location that they really liked.

They wanted to camp with as little gear as possible so instead of sleeping in a tent they dug a hole large enough to fit all three of them and deep enough for them to be in their sleeping bags and still be at least a foot below ground level. This was a natural way to block the wind. The first night was okay, but they wanted to improve on their idea the second night.

The camp fire and cooking area was in off to the side in another sort of protected by the landscape. If you look closely, you might see it. To improve the design the boys made the sleeping pit deeper and had a fire in it during the day in which they created hot coals and warmed dry rocks. As the evening approached they added a small bit of dirt and soft underbrush to create a warmed sleeping surface. Ethan said that it was so warm at times that he was sweating. They also spent some of the time exploring.

It is important to note that Scott has been working on his primitive fire making skills and he used those skills a good bit on this trip.

They had a great time and hope to go again.

Ethan has always loved dirt and mud, so you can imagine what fun Ethan and his dad had.

In this case, a muddy truck is a sign that you've been out doin' cool stuff.

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