Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Halloween is Coming! A Bit of PreHalloween Window Shopping Silliness

Ellie and I LOVE Halloween. She is thinking about decorating her room soon and we already received our Halloween Bag (decorations and fun stuff) from my mother.
I love to see what comes out each year. On one hand I eagerly await the displays, both hoping for and dreading that I will like a lot of it. It is mostly just window shopping. I buy something once in a while. Some years the looks are too garish or cartoony for my tastes. Other years there is a ton of stuff I want. I don't know how much I would actually buy if I had the money, space and chance to have whatever I wanted. I settle for simply looking at it all. What would you buy for Halloween, if you could?

Fun stuff from Target:

Pottery Barn:

Williams Sonoma:

Sur La Table:

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