Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Remi Dog - How to Train a Human

We've had Remi for about a month now and things are coming right along. Remi is a smart dog. But my, has it been an education for all of us. And it has been costly, too. Still, he's learning to be a good dog and we are learning how to keep our home in a way that helps him be a good dog.

He adores Ellie and is happy to be with her, even when she is tired. Sometimes I think Remi thinks or wishes that he was a cat. He tries to play with our felines, but they are not having it, so far.
But it has not been all fun and games. Ellie wanted a dog who would be able to slide into the place in her heart that Reisha resided in. I think Ellie had romantic images of what life with a puppy would be like; romping around, playing nicely, snuggling watching movies, etc. I think Remi will get there, but Reisha was an old, calm dog. I think it has been a wake up call for how much responsibility own a dog is. For a while she was discouraged and even wondered if she could handle it.We are pretty sure Remi was a dog along in an empty back yard. He did not have many socializing with humans skills. However, as Remi has begun to understand what is expected of him, he is learning quickly as he is a very smart doggie.
Interestingly, he seems to understand what the camera is and for. When I get it out and look like I am going to take a photo, he stops, looks cute and looks directly at me - funny.

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