Sunday, September 08, 2013

Tour De Fat - Denver Style

On Saturday I took Ellie and Kohlton down to City Park to take part in the Tour De Fat. It is a silly, fun charity sponsored by New Belgium Brewery. The money goes to bike related organizations, including an organization that takes disabled folks on biking adventures, each person being assisted with a volunteer. It think that is pretty cool. Another organization that benefits from the event is Bike Denver, a non-profit bike sharing program. It begins with a bike parade and participants are encouraged to dress up in costumes.
People who paid registration to be in the parade were given a fun license plate as a token of thanks.
It is kind of like adult Halloween. Many folks were very clever.
Originally Ellie, Kolhton and Christy were going to be crayons, but it turned out that Christy was not available. Ellie decided to do numbers and images. Kohlton calls her "Bug" and she calls him "Kitten" so that seemed like a good plan. She even talked him into wearing a bright green tutu and very short shorts under it. There was also a kitten silhouette on his shirt. He was not thrilled, in fact, he is sure that he will get teased by his friends for agreeing to dress that way. He did it for her. That is just the kind of young man he is. She loved it because men dressed like girls is funny. Since lots of other people had on similarly silly costumes, they fit right in.

As people lined up the organizers had funny people to entertain the riders as they waited. This troupe was a hoot, doing a early 1980's style aerobics routine.
Once the riders were done, they went to the fair grounds where they were concerts, and fun activities to do. It was also 96 degrees and crazy hot. The event was fun, but we headed home once we became too hot.
Later that evening we hosted a big birthday party for Ethan.

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