Friday, January 10, 2014

A Hat for Little Tucker and His Mama

Adoption was a wonderful, abstract idea for me, until recently when I finally met Tucker. He is the sweet little boy my friend Kassidy and her husband, Brian, adopted in the fall. Seeing Kass with Tucker brought it home for me in a very real , tangible and different way than it had been when it was an abstract idea.
Holding him in my arms, having his sweet, wide eyes looking at me closely, I was struck by the amazing awesomeness of the gift Tucker's birth mother gave them. She already had two baby boys under two at home when she found out that she was pregnant it Tucker. Living in a tiny apartment with her boyfriend and two babies, she realized that she could not give this baby the life she knew he deserved so she must be a strong woman to have been able to give his a new family.

Kass and Brian had about five years of infertility until they decided that adoption was going to be the way that they were able to have a child. I am pretty sure that they tried everything to try and conceive. She did hormones, they tried invitro, they put Brian on hormones (he even got a little bit of PMS.)They tried a sperm bank. (Did you know you can the computer do a search of the donors to find one that looks like your own husband?)It was heart wrenching to watch them go through it. Then they committed to the adoption process and got Tucker. Oh my, what a sweetie he is. They are thrilled and I could not be happier for them.

They are real Broncos fans. His training as a Broncos fan began early with Broncos decorations in his isolete in the NICU. The nurses also helped speed up his discharge one morning so that he could go home to watch his first game, which he promptly slept through. However, it was easy to know what colors to pick when I decided to knit him a hat. It was fun, so I decided to make another, adult sized one. I wanted to make two, so that the entire family could match, but I simply did not have the time. I wanted to make sure that Tucker would get his hat while it would still fit and we were still in the football season. The design is a bit busy for me, but my sports fans friends said that it was a great design. It was fun to see Tucker sporting his hat. My best wishes and love to Kass, Brian and Tucker!

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