Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Life on the Lady Washington & an New Officer's Promotional Dinner

Ethan continues to enjoy life of the Lady Washington.

He loves taking part in the weekly battles between the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftan. They use real gun powder, but they only shoot air. They keep score by noting the tones of the hits.
Sometimes Ethan gets to drive the boat.
He also helps with the ropes and anchoring the boat to port.
When he has a day off, he and some of the other sailors go out to make the best of it.
Sometimes the work is rather nasty, like the time they had to deal with black water; I think this means that the bathroom was broken in some way. Yuck!
The crew recently put on a special event from the newly promoted officers. Ethan loved it. He was given a special hand-written invitation to a dinner where he was to dress up and then a few of them had to stay away from the galley for a while. Once the party started, the new officers were brought in and served a several course meal.
The crew also put on a bunch of fun skits.
I am thankful that Ethan is able to have such adventures.

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