Thursday, September 25, 2014

Paper Flowers for Artistic Friends

Earlier this summer I made a few new friends with an artistic bent when I attended the Encaustics workshop at Anderson Ranch. In an effort to keep those connections going and to sort of help make creating art more of a priority for myself, I set up a small exchange of art through the mail. Afterall, who doesn't love getting fun mail in their mailboxes?
I had intended to make small bit of true art, but my life has been as such lately that settling in and making that kind of art was not possible. However, making paper flowers was and it was a lot of fun. So, I made a small bouquet of flowers for each person. I carefully packaged them with colored tissue paper and notes. I made the outside of the box beautiful as well with the hopes that receiving such items would bring them joy.

The boxes were supposed to be delivered on Saturday or Monday, but due to the size of the boxes, they were sent to their work locations. I have not heard anything back from them, so I am worried that they were delayed. I doubt they were lost. I look forward to receiving confirmation that they were received.

Now I am onto figuring out what to make for the next exchange.

Today has also been a very big day. Ethan returned to the west coast and is back on the boat. He will not be back until Christmas. It will be very weird to have Thanksgiving without him. We have not had that in 21 years. My students also staged a protest and walk-out in support and a show of concern with issues that are going on in my school district. I spent the day fielding questions about the issues and working hard to present documents that support both sides of each issue so that the students are informed enough to make their own choices on each topic. I think I may need a nap before I prepare dinner. I think it is going to have to be something easy and quick for dinner tonight.

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