Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Girl Comes Home to Find a Surprise Waiting For Her

Last night was a late one. Ellie, Kohlton and Brandon came home from their trip to San Diego at around 11:30 p.m. Larr drove out to get them. The dog and I tried to snooze on the couches until they arrived. Remmie had no idea why we were snoozing on the couches since I could not tell him, but oh my, was he ever so happy once his girl came back home. He has a singular love in his furry, doggy heart for her. This weekend he was missing her terribly and cried for a while. Then he thought that perhaps she was hiding in a closet, so he had me open every single one in the house for him to be sure that she was not home.

Ellie and I love to surprise each other, and so I had a surprise for her when she came home. I cleaned her room and I decorated it for Valentine's Day. She loves holiday decorations and was especially appreciative of my efforts. It was all very exciting. However, Kohlton was going to decorate her room for her for Valentine's Day or their upcoming 3rd anniversary, so I might have ruined that possibility. I feel a bit bad about that. I told him that he could still carry out his plan since my stuff would have been up for 2+ weeks by then. We'll have to wait and see what actually happens.

I had admired a set of decorations at the craft store, but did not want to pay the asking price. Then on Sunday they had a special 1 day sale where all of the Valentine's Day stuff was at a huge discount, so I grabbed the set with the paper fans, flowers, hearts, etc. first. Then I found a banner kit to make. I choose 14 pictures of Ellie and Kohlton from their activities in 2014 and hung them up. Larr helped with the tall stuff.

I was also inspired by a project that Heidi Swapp did for a friend's daughter and so I did something similar for Ellie.

I loved making the marquee letter, but the glitter tape was difficult to use, so I would recommend using glue and glitter instead of the tape if you want to make one, too. I also purchased 4 plain clipboards, painted the front of them white and embellished them with some of the glitter paper and tape that I used on the "E" so that they would all coordinate. I thought it would be fun to swap out what is on each clipboard as the season and/or holiday changes. I found the subway art here and the other free printables here. I also used another free printable and some paint chip samples to make a special calendar. I am already trying to come up with fun new images to put on the clipboards in a few weeks.
Meanwhile, Ethan is still having a wonderful time rock climbing in Railay, Thailand. He spent many of the evenings with a girl from Russia. She has gone home now and she invited him to visit some time. He also met some climbers from Germany and Sweden who have issued similar invitations. It will be interesting to see if he takes any of the up on the offers. They will leave Railay soon and are considering where they should travel to next. They were considering Cambodia, but there are funky things about travel visas that may prevent that. Same goes for Malaysia. They are also thinking about going to Laos.

Yesterday as I passed the bandroom on my way to a staff meeting, I heard the jazz band working on perfecting, "Birdland." The tune got stuck in my head and I "heard" it for much of the evening. It through me back, in a pleasant way, to the joyous times when Larr and I were in college. We literally wore out a tape of Manhattan Transfer or two. I love to sing along to songs and their music is always fun. Here's a few songs for you to enjoy, too:

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