Monday, January 19, 2015

Of Bike Rides, Tonsai and Paddington - the movie

Sunday was a pretty wonderful day. I got a bit of work done in the morning while Ellie, Kohlton and Remmie went for a hike over on Green Mountain.
It was a warm and beautiful day. Just the kind for enjoying being outside. (I felt a bit bad about missing the lovely weather.) Then they came home, changed and went for a bike ride. By then, Remmie was tired because he is not used to going on a 5-6 mile walk and a good bit of playing at the dog park. The kids road over to Anderson Park. They had planned to go farther, but the weather turned cold and windy. Still, they were stylin'.
I picked them up. Larr came home from working on stuff at Don's house, and we all went to see the "Paddington" movie, which several of us had been wanting to see for a while.

It was a great movie. I loved the story and the color styling was amazing. I loved the whole look of the movie and I especially loved Mrs. Brown. I am going to have to buy that movie once it comes out on DVD.
The movie made me think about when the kids were little, it made me think of Eleanor. It made me miss Ethan. It made me think that I need to learn how to mark marmalade since Ethan recently announced that it is one of his new favorite things. Mrs. Brown's character made me feel like I need to make myself some new skirts. Ellie says that she likes Mrs. Brown and that I am a bit like her. I also loved the strength and character of the old aunt that lives with them. I would recommend seeing the movie. I've linked up some trailers for your enjoyment

Tonsia Bay Resort

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